Agriculture was Tim’s chosen career path ever since he was a child running around naked the backyard with an egg in his hand. Living in a peri-urban area, the opportunity to farm for a living was almost non-existent, so Tim set out on a pathway of conventional agriculture – attending agricultural college to learn how to become part of the commodity based food system that operates hundreds of kilometers away from the people it’s feeding.

A scholarship to the UK, a chance meeting with a local farm owner and a traumatic business experience saw his outlook on farming undergo a radical shift.

During this time, Tim and Hannah discovered the uncomfortable truth about being part of a conventional farming system- that large and ‘efficient’ modern day food and farming practices are often not just unsustainable in the immediate term but are actually stripping the Earth of its ability to provide us with healthy, nourishing produce into the future. All whilst alienating the very customers that farmers are trying to feed

The ultimate result of this disconnected food system? Poor soil quality, stressed and unhappy animals, and nutritionally depleted, toxin-filled food that simply cannot nourish us in the way nature intended and customers who have no connection to where or how their food has been grown.

Fortunately, discovering the uncomfortable truth led to an opportunity to become part of the solution. Using time-tested, slow and regenerative farming practices that honour the environment, the animal and the consumer. Farming the viable land on the outskirts of Sydney meant that people could develop a personal connection with their food.

And the end result? Healthier soil, happier animals and nutrient-dense, chemical-free, ultra-nourishing food and customers who have the opportunity to shake the hand that feeds them.

The Food Farm was born.

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We want YOU to come and see for yourself.

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We welcome you to taste the difference and reconnect with where your food comes from.

We invite you to join us on our regenerative food journey.