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Wood Smoked Bacon - Nitrate Free

Product description

Award winning wood smoked nitrate free bacon from our award winning heritage pigs. We have perfected our signature nitrate free bacon recipe by curing the pork for 5 days in a Himalayan salt brine and then smoking over local wood chunks for 12 hours. 

The Food Farm nitrate free bacon comes from pigs free to roam on lush green pasture and fed a certified organic seed ration.

How to Cook
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  • Our orders are hand delivered weekly on Thursdays & Fridays, check the bar at top of the page for the next delivery dates.
  • All orders are delivered cold-packed in a fully recyclable box.
  • Your order is delivered FRESH from our farm – no old, frozen meat around hereAll meat is vacuum-sealed to retain freshness and prevent mess and leaks in your freezer.
  • Delivery to the following areas is FREE – Central Coast, Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong and Canberra. For all other areas, please check out our shipping and delivery page.
  • There can be some minor variations in final product weights due to differences in the size of our animals.
  • Because we are all about nose-to-tail eating, we occasionally need to substitute certain cuts for others, we’ll always try to inform you of any substitutes ahead of time.

Is the meat Organic

Our meat is organic, regeneratively farmed and completely free from any chemicals. Our chickens receive a certified organic feed seed ration on top of and our cows just get to enjoy their naturel.

Is the meat vaccine free: 

Yes, all of our meat and animals are completely vaccine free